Thursday, October 28, 2010

The 10% Target: Where do we stand?

According to a recent report by IUCN (Toropova, et al 2010, Chapter Three):

• Current MPAs number 5878 and cover over 4.2 million km2 of ocean (1.17% of the global ocean surface).
• MPA coverage of continental shelf areas is now 4.32%, and 2.86% of waters within 200nm of coastlines.
• A few large MPAs have accounted for the greatest increase in coverage over the last 5 years.
• Only 12 out of 190 states and territories with marine jurisdictions have an MPA coverage of 10% or more of the areas under their jurisdiction.

Look at the list below (page 35 in the report). Notice that MARIANAS TRENCH MARINE NATIONAL MONUMENT is listed as the fourth largest MPA in the world. The world is showing that MPAs are important to all peoples around the world. So now, how can we get back to the top of this list? Would we want to?

Friday, October 8, 2010

Marine Turtle Conservation Fund 2011

Document Type: Grants Notice
Funding Opportunity Number: MTCF11
Opportunity Category: Discretionary

The purpose of this competitive grants program is to assist in the conservation of marine turtles by supporting the following activities: academic and technical training in the conservation and management of marine turtles; applied research on marine turtle populations and their habitat including surveys and monitoring; conservation education and community outreach for the protection of nesting and near shore foraging habitat; development and execution of marine turtle conservation management plans; habitat conservation and management; information exchange to promote international collaboration; projects to protect nesting females and eggs on important nesting beaches; promotion of networks, partnerships and coalitions that assist in the implementation of conventions, treaties, protocols and other international activities for the conservation and management of marine turtles; protected areas/reserve management of important nesting beaches; strengthening of local capacity to implement conservation programs on nesting beaches; and strengthening law enforcement capacity and forensic skills through training and equipment.

Due to the limited funding available and the desire to support diverse projects, preference will be given to proposals requesting $50,000 or less. Higher amounts may be requested with appropriate justification.

For more information about who can apply and how to make an application, please visit: Marine Turtle

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