Friday, November 28, 2008

My Thanksgiving

Some people don't celebrate thanksgiving, but most people have small barbecue and are thankful for a lot of things. This year went by so fast, and so much has happen to me that I'm thankful for.

On Thanksgiving Day my family and I decided to attend a Thanksgiving mass, and have a small get together at my grandmother's house. Everything went well, I remembered my older sister asking me what I'm thankful for. I had some things on my mind but it wasn't a whole list. Her questioned never got off my mind, so I decided to think about all the good things that happen to me this pass few months. I took out a piece of paper and wrote ten things that I'm thankful for.

This Thanksgiving day, I’m thankful for:

1. My grandmother survived uterus cancer, and is still recovering.

2. Auntie Ning & Uncle Ike helped me with my truck, I love you both.

3. I’m thankful to have my mom around till this very day, you’re the best!

4. My whole family supports the monument, and wears orange every weekend.

5. I collected 500 signatures on my own! Whoopee!

6. I have a job to help mommy financially.

7. I’m thankful that Laurie and Angelo educated me about the Monument; I love you guys to the maximum power!

8. I’m thankful that so many islanders support the monument.

9. Thankful to have a big family with a big heart.

10. Thankful to be around and learned new things everyday!

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