Friday, March 20, 2009

Great News-Award Winner!!!

I got a phone call this morning from Wendy Chavez of the Environmental Protection Agency.

FRIENDS OF THE MONUMENT has been selected as a winner for the region 9 awards this year! YAY! She said it was a "tight" competitive process, and that more than 200 nominations (in all categories) were received and 40 winners selected. Awards ceremony will be April 16, 2009.

I received the notice because I nominated the organization for the award.

Congrats to Friends of the Monument!


Saipan Writer said...

Angelo, as someone who knows more about these awards, having been in on the Beautify CNMI win a couple of years ago, can you give us more insight?

Besides the glory, does Friends get anything? What happens at the ceremony? etc.

Primo said...

Well, Beautify CNMI was not invited to the awards ceremony. Instead of flying us to the award, they flew the award to us. We'll see what they do this time.