Thursday, August 27, 2009

June Meeting Minutes

Friends of the Monument
June 17, 2009
Meeting Minutes

I. Attendees: Angelo Villagomez, Laurie Peterka, Agnes McPhetres, Mike Tripp, Marjalee Taitano, Max Simian
II. Adoption of Agenda - adopted
III. Adoption of May minutes - adopted
IV. Letter to NOAA
a. Requesting a Sanctuary Scoping
b. A letter has been drafted by the board
c. We will incorporate the edits suggested during the meeting and sign the letter
V. Maug Boat Trip
a. Several members interested in chartering a boat
b. We are looking for a boat and if the price is right we will pay to go up – Norm Tenorio? Marjalee will give Kelly Tenorio a call.
c. A reporter is interested in coming along – Outside Magazine
d. Should friends draft a letter to a boat in Palau?
VI. Trophies
a. Some of the friends want one of the EPA Award trophies. ~$50/piece
b. MINA has $98.
c. Laurie suggested that the money go towards discounting the price of all the trophies
d. Agreed to offer a discount for the trophies
VII. Incorporation
a. By-Laws
b. Articles of Incorporation
VIII. Reports
a. Chair – not present
b. Vice Chair – nothing to report
c. Treasurer – no money
d. Secretary
i. Going to create a committee to respond to SB 16-32
ii. Going to work on a newsletter
e. Public Relations
i. Wood’s Hole did not come to Marianas
ii. Marjalee recommended that we right them a letter letting them know we were disappointed
f. Education/Outreach – not present
g. Government Communications – not present
IX. Other Business
a. Angelo made a $200 donation to Coral Reef Alliance on behalf of Beautify CNMI and Friends of the Monument to support recommendations to President Obama.
X. Adjournment

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