Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Saipan World War II Marine Heritage Trail

Saipan's Underwater Heritage:
Developing an Underwater WWII Heritage Trail

A public lecture by:
Jennifer McKinnon, PhD
Flinders University, Lecturer in Maritime Archaeology

Friday, June 25, 2010, 6:30 p.m.
Visitors Center Theater - American Memorial Park

Dr. McKinnon will provide an end-of-fieldwork report on a project to develop a World War II underwater heritage trail in the waters of Saipan Lagoon funded in part by a grant from the American Battlefield Protection Program.

The project involved completing an underwater survey supervised by marine archaeologists to locate, assess and document objects associated with the World War II battle for Saipan. Sites documented during the project include three tanks, four airplanes, two landing craft, a possible sub-chaser, a freighter and an LVT (Landing Vehicle Tracked).

The planned heritage trail will consist of individual site brochures, diving and snorkeling guides, and a website that tourists and divers can use to learn about the history of the sites. The trail will promote sustainable heritage tourism and stimulate the economy of Saipan while showcasing historically significant heritage sites in the beautiful Saipan lagoon. Dr. McKinnon will also discuss management strategies to ensure the long-term protection of these significant historic resources. The lecture will be illustrated by photographs and videos taken during the project.

This presentation is sponsored by the NMI Council for the Humanities as a part of its Community Lecture Series. Please contact the NMI Council for the Humanities at 235-4785 for more information about this upcoming event.

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