Sunday, August 4, 2013

APASEEM Call for Presenations

The Asia Pacific Academy of Sciences, Science Education, and Environmental Management (APASEEM) is presently putting forth this Call for Presentations for our upcoming annual meeting (2013). APASEEM is also proud to announce its new website, at Please help us distribute this announcement widely to all on your professional contacts list.

In keeping with tradition, we target using the week before Thanksgiving for the presentations conference. The tentative date(s) scheduled is Tuesday, November 19th, and if needed, also Wednesday November 20th, and Thursday November 21st, with the initial meeting to run from 3:30pm to 6:30pm. As in the past, we are reserved to hold the event at the American Memorial Park Auditorium, which seats up to 112 people.

All interested science and environmental professionals--and teachers and students of these disciplines--are encouraged to develop a 15 to 20 minute presentation on an aspect of their recent work which may be of interest to the CNMI's science, science education, and environmental management community. To get scheduled on the meetings' agenda, just contact any officer (see email addresses below). An abstract of your talk, which we began to include last year, will help us to better advertise our conference, so please send us one when able to. For examples please see past year's talks (below).

We are also using this opportunity to continue our ongoing membership drive. Spread the word we mostly operate on annually due membership fees and contributions. If you've been thinking about becoming a dues-paying active member, or if your affiliation or agency is able to do so, please encourage this and please join. A reminder--most of us remember to pay at or around the date of our annual conference and that fees for professional organizations are tax deductible. Remember speakers get half off on annual fees if they've presented sometime during the previous year. Group rates available for any organization, public or private--see website for fees and mailing address. Potential new members and/or potential group officers are highly encouraged to make contact with us.

Please contact Ken Kramer (president) via; or Michael Trianni (vice president) via; or Andre Kozij (secretary) via; or John Furey (treasurer) via to get on this year’s conference schedule. The organization also now has a Gmail account for general correspondence,


The Asia Pacific Academy of Sciences, Science Education, and Environmental Management (APASEEM) is a nonexclusive professional association, initially begun in April 2004 and formally established in November 2008. The group’s official US and CNMI-recognized ‘501C (3) Nonprofit Status' was accomplished in July, 2011. The Academy’s base is in the U.S. Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands with most meetings held on Saipan. 

The goals of APASEEM are to serve as an advocacy-neutral hosting forum for science, science education, and environmental management presentations; to promote discussions of mutual interest amongst regional science and environmental management professionals, teachers, students, and the general public; and to help sponsor grant & donation-funded noteworthy projects within these disciplines. The addition in 2008 of “Science Education” to our group’s focus areas expanded APASEEM’s encompassing scope and potential audiences considerably. In Summer 2009, as its first major project-support effort, the group helped to host the Tinian Discovery Camp. In Summer 2011, the group co-sponsored a large group training event for monitoring reef health and coral bleaching occurrences. In 2012, the group carried out a major grant activity to develop a video production depicting the first voyage to the Marianas Trench Marine National Monument. 2013 has been one of our group's most active presentations years. Presently the group is undertaking exploring a major project to articulate and display two locally preserved whale skeletons.

To date, the Academy has completed 1 major video production, hosted/sponsored 34 formal activities/meetings--combining both special meetings and sessions of general meetings--1 summer camp, 1 organized reef monitoring training session, 2 environmental expo displays, and 101 formal and informal presentations, these delivered by 212 individual presenters. Several persons have participated in more than one APASEEM presentation/activity.

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