Friday, September 19, 2008

Andrew Salas Letter to the Editor

Andrew had a letter published in the Saipan Tribune today:
Together let's make monument a reality

The House of Representatives passed another resolution opposing talking with the federal government about the proposed marine monument. They did this without holding a single public hearing about this important issue. They did this despite the fact that everyday, more people are voicing their support for the marine monument.

Our good Senator Felix Mendiola of Rota wrote a letter to President Bush asking him to send an assessment team to the CNMI regarding the proposed marine monument and now we are preempting the discussion with the passage of a second House resolution. Why are we inviting the feds and then passing a resolution with a dialogue?

This proposed monument has the potential to greatly help our island. The proposal could bring over $10 million dollars in federal and tourist spending to our island economy-every year. The proposal has already generated positive press for our islands throughout the world. Seizing this opportunity would only create more positive exposure for our islands.

It is time to work together, the assessment team will be here this week so let's encourage our elected leaders, and the federal government to discuss the possibilities of preserving and protecting our waters. Let us discover what this opportunity holds for the people of the CNMI, and together let us make it a reality.

Andrew Sablan Salas
Chalan Kanoa

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