Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Contributor Scubatripp - My Pledge

As a contributor to this blog I feel it important to introduce myself to the readers and outline why I support the monument concept as well as what I plan to do to help ensure that its ultimately good for the CNMI.

Who I am (scubatripp).
My name is Mike Tripp; I’m a 42-year-old, multi-professional, small business owner and health care employee living on the island of Saipan in the Northern Mariana Islands. I’m university educated with a degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver Canada. I’m also a professional PADI SCUBA Instructor with over 18 years experience working in 8 different countries around the world while traveling and diving the waters of over a dozen more. I have been a nature lover and an outdoors person all of my life beginning with family vacations as a young boy that have left fond memories of travel through Canada and the USA including many national, provincial and state parks. I love the Discovery Channel and National Geographic type programming and believe that our environment, including the planet as a whole, is ultimately under threat from destructive human practices and overall population growth.

Why I support the Monument.
In a nutshell I support the monument because it will be good for the local economy especially the tourism sector and all other areas touched by the success of the only remaining core industry in the CNMI. It will also preserve a large area of our world’s ocean from destruction by mankind and therefore allow scientists from around the world (including the CNMI) to study its unique characteristics and species in as controlled a manner as possible for generations to come. The monument will help the CNMI become a 21st century world leader in terms of conservation while pushing the negative criticisms and stereotypes the CNMI carries from its past into the history books. In the end this will effectively clear the way for younger generations and upcoming leaders of a population instrumental in the world’s history to thrive under the US flag and an international spotlight dialed into the positive press. With the help of federal funding and the designation of a monument the people of the CNMI have an opportunity to protect and carry on a strong heritage of traditional conservation values that will maintain renewable resources for the benefit of future generations.

What I intend to do to support the monument.
First and foremost I will continue to do what I have been doing since this idea was first brought forward by the Pew Environmental Group many months ago. I will continue to ask questions and be involved in the discussions with those from all sides. I will continue to do my own research and look for the facts needed to back up or refute the statements made. I will continue to talk to local residents, business people and politicians in the hopes that my ideas and thoughts can help bring about the best possible situation for all those affected by the monument designation itself as well as the mutually agreed upon rules and regulations that will ultimately govern how the waters are used and accessed. In the end, whether the monument becomes reality or not, I will continue to be an advocate for our oceans by continuing to educate those willing to listen as to the wonders of what lies beneath the surface and why protecting and respecting what we have, right here in our back yard, is so important to human survival. I owe this to my kids and to yours.

As the process of discussion with the federal government has just gotten started after many months of advocacy by both the pro and con forces I will also refer the reader to a number of articles I have already written on the subject. These links lead you to my own blog at and to the local news papers the Tribune and the Variety.

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Saipan Writer said...

Nice post, Mike. (Makes mine look bad, though!)

I want to hear about the metting last night with Mr. Allen Tom. Who's posting on that?

Primo said...

Kimberly was there and is now a contributor. Want to volunteer, Kimberly?

Bryan Jones recorded the presentation. We hope to get it onto Youtube as soon as humanly possible. Same goes for the John Gonzales show.

If you missed it, Karl T Reyes read the letter he sent to the Senate this week. It was very powerful.