Monday, September 1, 2008


Dear Editor:

In gathering signatures for the petition for the marine monument, most people support the marine monument. Interestingly enough, 10 of the 17 letters opposed to the marine monument have come from Mr. John Gourley. Most of the rest were from members of Wespac. More than two pages in support of the marine monument and not even a page opposed. You are alone in your opposition, John.

Commercial fishermen will, in fact, benefit. If they request a fishing base on Pagan, they could refuel and keep their fish on ice. This Pagan fuel storage facility could also be used as a stop for tourists to the marine monument. It is something that could be negotiated when the federal officials come to assess the marine monument. This is a win-win for everyone. Think about it.

Ken Kramer
Fina Sisu

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