Friday, December 12, 2008

Bush Eyes Unprecedented Conservation Program

They say the pen is the strongest weapon. With a pen President Bush can approve to have a Marine Monument here in the CNMI. With the Antiquities Act President Bush is authorized to "protect vast stretches of U.S. territorial waters from fishing, oil exploration and other forms of commercial development. The initiative could also create some of the largest marine reserves in the world — far larger than national parks like Yellowstone or the Grand Canyon."
The Antiquities Act authorizes the president to designate any federal public lands as national monuments without any congressional approval. There has been very strong supporters for the idea of a monument, but we also have an opposing side as well.

The president can designate the three Northern Islands to have a monument, but there has been many concerns arising among the local people, leaders, and large companies. I hope that we can have a National Marine Monument for the benefit of our economy. With a monument we will have a great future ahead of us.

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