Friday, December 5, 2008

Opening our waters to commercial longliners

According to the Marianas Variety, a WESPAC supported commercial fishing venture is coming to the Marianas:
An investor is already inquiring about long line fishing in the CNMI, he said.

Last year, the Northern Marianas Fisheries Inc., expressed interest in a commercial fisheries project on Rota and Saipan.

The firm which also plans to work closely with the local fishermen’s cooperative, will bring two federally approved fishing vessels to the CNMI.

The local marine conservation plan recently approved by National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration will pave the way for the development of a CNMI fishing industry, which will include the Northern Islands’ remote fishing station project, Dela Cruz said.
This venture follows in the footsteps of Crystal Seas, the bankrupt commercial longliner that just failed on Rota.

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KAP said...

I'm just wondering how many "residents of the Northern Islands" are planning on selling their catch on Saipan.