Monday, December 15, 2008

..Interesting facts..

Do you, a family member, or a friend have a copy of the scientific Report?.

their are so many interesting facts about the three most northern islands and the creatures that lives within.

On the island of Maug lays a vent, so much bubbles of liquid carbon dioxide.

Interested in evolution?. Asuncion is the place to be. it's an active volcano.

and the island of Uracus together with Maug support regionally seabird colonies.

The scientific Report also mentioned that Dr. James Maragos studied coral reefs in the Pacific for almost 40 years. it was said that he believed protecting the waters that surrounds the island is the most effective way to conserve coral reef diversity.

if you haven't heard, our waters are very rich in sharks and other apex predators.
there are so much creatures that we should protect. it's interesting and it could help us learn more about the waters at the Northern Islands. i like the fact that we have so much mussels, we also have a bumphead parrot fish. it's so amazing how so many beautiful creatures live under these waters.

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