Friday, December 19, 2008

Mariana Trench Creatures

Their are many different creatures living on our very own waters. There are so many different Spices such as Tonguefish, mussels, bumphead parrotfish, megapodes, white tern and many more. we have one of the most rarest beaked whales, such as Cuvier's beaked whale and blainville beaked whale, that are believed to reside around our very own islands.

I honestly think this is a very good opportunity for research and other educational reasons.
as a young adult I know that my friends and family can take advantage and learn a lot about our islands waters and the creatures that lives within. Crabs and Angler Fish are but few of the many species of the Mariana Trench. Another interesting characteristic of these deep sea creatures is their longevity; many of these animals having a lifespan of over one hundred years, provided of course that they do not end up in fishing nets.

The Mariana trench can be a big laboratory in which many scientists, students and other interested people can learn and discover many facts.

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